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      Money flows into Dougherty County schools

      The Georgia Department of Education approved a Turnaround/Race to the Top Division recommendation to release, on a reimbursement basis, $2.7 million in Race To The Top (RT3) funds and $400,000.00 in School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds. The recommendation was approved at this week's state board meeting and means the state department has agreed to an action plan to insure proper use of federal improvement funding for Dougherty County Schools.

      Dr. David Mosely, Interim Superintendent, worked with state officials and district staff to demonstrate the system's commitment to systemic change. The 18-point action plan calls for specified action in the areas of talent management, professional learning, and student interventions and support with monthly evaluations of progress by specified district staff and verified by state appointed oversight managers.

      "This is certainly good news for our district," said Mosely. "We will work with state officials as we move forward to provide the state full accountability for the funds entrusted to our school system. We need this money and our students benefit from the improvement to instruction that it provides."

      Responsibility for completion of the requirements is shared between Georgia Department of Education staff and county system leadership and program managers. The plan proceeds on a timeline that will be completed by July 31 of this year.

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