Monday storms bring two tornadoes to Georgia and Florida

EF1 Tornado damage in Ocilla. / Jessica Fairley WFXL

It was a "squall line" or a line of thunderstorms that plowed across the area on Monday spawning at least two tornadoes.

The National Weather Service office in Tallahassee after physically surveying locations in Irwin County, Georgia and Leon County, Florida has confirmed two tornadoes from Monday's thunderstorms.

In Irwin County Georgia near the town of Ocilla a NWS Damage Survey team determined that a EF1 strength tornado with winds of 86-110mph had indeed occurred causing damage.

As reported by FOX 31 on Monday a home on Poppy Road in Ocilla suffered damage, while a line of trees fell in front of the Giles residence with a shed completely torn away.

Also on Poppy Road in Ocilla a trailer was moved two feet off of its cinder blocks and the roof was gone.

Another tornado was confirmed to have touched down in eastern Leon County, Florida. The Leon County tornado was reported as an EF0 with wind speeds of 65â"85mph.

FOX 31 is following up on the damage from the tornado in Irwin County and will have more on FOX 31 News at 10.

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