Moms recall giving birth on 9/11

With most Americans glued to television sets on September 11th 2001.

Stacy Nelson and Shae Foy spent that morning in labor.

"I just kept asking 'why do they keep showing the towers with smoke coming out of it?' I asked probably ten times and nobody would answer me," said Foy.

"I could hear them mentioning that there was going to be another plane that had also hit and so forth so I could tell there was going to be more attacks against our country," said Nelson.

Stacy had Seth and Shae had Emilee. But September 11th was a bittersweet day for these mothers, and a scary one.

"You're thankful to have a child and it be healthy, just from that emotional high of everything and plummeting down into uncertainty and fear," said Nelson.

And as the kids are growing up healthy and safe at some point there was conversation that had to take place.

"She was probably three years old and at daycare she had to write a question. The teacher asked what makes me special, so we sat down that morning and the night before to talk about it," said Foy.

Seth and Emilee were born just nine minutes apart. While their mothers were in the maternity wing at the same time, they never knew it. It wasn't until their kids went to the same school years later that they became good friends.

"So many people lost their lives, but I've come to realize that even with devastation in this world there are beautiful things that happen every day," said Foy.

And maybe it's in that American spirit why these children aren't thinking about presents or themselves for their birthday.

Emilee wants gifts to be a donation for a friend with spinal muscular atrophy.

"He can say my name and he talks to me all the time, but I just want him to be cured," said Emilee Foy.

Seth is praying for his brother in law, a soldier in Afghanistan.

"It's just very nice to know that he is fighting for our freedom, but we just want him to be safe," said Seth Nelson.

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