Mold leads to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport restaurant closure

After an executive session, the Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission has decided to evict the Cross Landing restaurant from the Soutwest Georgia Regional Airport terminal.

During a special calld meeting, the owner of the business submitted a letter of termination to the board Monday afternoon with hopes that they would accept the motion.

Trudy Cross stated that since the airport hadn't fixed the issue of mold within the restaurant, she could no longer serve customers until the problem was fixed.

Airport officials determined that since the owner of Cross Landing had faulted on her liability insurance and closed the restaurant, she was in breach of contract.

The board voted unanimously to evict Cross Landing from the building.

"We've been warned by the EPA and OSHA that we need to get out of the building or they need to remediate the mold. They have not and chose not to remediate the mold, so therefore we must move out of the building," said Trudy Cross, owner of Cross Landing.

Cross began noticing mold after a leak started in her restaurant back in May. After having an inspection conducted by the health department, she was advised to close the establishment. City officials say they replaced several molded ceiling tiles and sprayed to kill mold. Once this was done, the restaurateur was permitted to reopen.

Cross brought evidence of mold to Monday's commission meeting showing that although the tiles had been replaced, the mold still exists.

Now that the board has requested that the city attorney's office move forward with eviction, Trudy Cross plans to speak with her attorney about the options for accepting eviction versus termination.