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      Mitchell County gets three new rides

      Paramedics and EMTs in Mitchell County got three new rides today as Mid Georgia Ambulance has three new ambulances in their fleet.The new ambulances will be stationed across the county, with one being in Camilla, one in Pelham, and one in Baconton.Each ambulance will include a 12-lead cardiac monitor/defibrillator; capable of transmitting EKG TMs to receiving facilities. This advance in emergency medical equipment is significant because it can allow patients experiencing cardiac emergencies to bypass a wait in the emergency room, and go straight to a cardiology lab at a receiving hospital. This system has been proven to increase the chances of survival for heart attack patients across the country.The new ambulances will also be equipped with mobile data terminals that will allow for voice-less communication of patient data between the emergency communications center and the responding Paramedic crew. Through this system, crews are given live updates of call information while en route to respond to an emergency.Mitchell County Administrator, Jerry Presley, says," We're seeing about a $450,000 investment in our community with these three ambulances."

      Since they were funded by a private company, the $150,000 that was allocated to purchase new EMS equipment can be used by the county in other ways such as road improvements. Each new ambulance will be marked with updated reflective lettering and striping on the outside of the truck, making the ambulance more visible to on-coming traffic at night. This is one of the many safety features designed to protect Mid Georgia Ambulance employees and their patients.