Mission:MCLB International accreditation

The calibration lab at the MCLB has recently received an international accreditation

In order to make sure a marine's weapon is calibrated correctly, the MCLB has made sure to have a top-notch calibration lab.

They can back up that statement with a new international accreditation they recently received.

"It's ISO 17025," says Peter Dembowski, the manager of the Metrology Branch. "It's an international accreditation for the competency of testing and calibration laboratories."

Basically, it means they're recognized the world over as having one of the best and most accurate labs to calibrate marine's weapons.

Albany's Marine Base is the only Marine Base in the world to have this international accreditation. It's very difficult to get and the process alone takes two years.

"Rewrite all our standards and processes, we did a lot of math and uncertainty analysis and we had an accrediting body out of Ft. Wayne Indiana called l.A.V. come down here and they assessed us to the standard which consisted of over 170 elements that we had to meet," Said Dembowski.

Elements included a good quality process in place to ensure the gear is calibrated correctly, they had to prove that all the data is correct and they conducted several inspections.

"For Logistics Command, we are a world class organization and for us to get an international accreditation just shows the rest of the community that we are there," said John Powell, manager of the TMD Department.

A marine's life also depends on the accuracy of these measurements, since that is what they use to calibrate their vehicles and their weapons used in combat.

"So it's really important that the marines have confidence in the equipment that comes out of the labs," said Powell.