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      Mission: MCLB Toys For Tots

      For many families in southwest Georgia, the Toys For Tots program is the only way their children will get to experience a real Christmas.

      This year, that need is greater than normal. Toys For Tots is the Department of Defense's largest community outreach program. Last year, this same time, they'd already raised over 5,000 toys. This year that number has dropped to 1,000, and with over 1,000 families signed up, it's difficult to guarantee every child will get a toy. 1st Sergeant James Watson says they try to give three or four presents to each child.

      It's really important this year when children themselves and their families are having hard times, said 1st Sgt. Watson.

      Collection boxes are set up in several locations, including K-Mart, Wal-Mart and the Albany Mall. Watson said they are having difficulty getting donations for girls ages nine to 12.

      If you would like to set up a collection box at your business, you can call Cpl. Jackson at 229-869-6442.