Mission MCLB: Swim lessons

The Marine Corps Logistics Base offers swimming lessons for anyone who needs them. Chanae Forrest enrolled her 3-year-old son Cameron after a vacation where he went into water up to his chest without knowing how to swim.

MCLB Athletic Director Dan Daniels says the base offers multiple classes. "We have the "bubble blowers" which is a basic getting familiar with the water kind of class. We have the "aqua kids" for those who are a little more familiar with the water and to start to develop more skills and actually swim. Lastly we have the "super swimmers" which is a more advanced class" says Daniels. All instructors have their Red Cross lifeguard certification which includes CPR, 1st aid, blood born pathogen training, and the swim instructors have to have water safety qualifications.

Base officials say the swim classes aren't actually based on age, they're based on ability and every single swimmer gets individualized attention.

Safety is also taught at every level and reviewed in every class. Swim instructor and pool manager Elisabeth Allen says it's imperative for everyone to know the rules. "It's important for them to know where to go if there is an emergency. We want safety to be the most important thing we're teaching. Yes â" we're teaching them to swim, but we also don't want them to think 'Oh I've had swim lessons so I can jump in the pool!' We always want to make sure there is a parent or an adult or a lifeguard so they always know where they're at in case there is an emergency" says Allen.

Family members say they're confident that their kids will be successful in learning how to swim this summer at the MCLB pool.