Mission MCLB: Social Media

MCLB is on Facebook

Officials at the Marine Corps Logistics Base say having a presence in social media is a great way for anyone to keep in touch with the base.

MCLB Public Affairs Official 1st Lt. Kyle Thomas says the base manages a Facebook page and a Twitter account. "It's very important with today's technology to open up an open forum between the command of the base and the community. So the community can talk directly with the command and they can interact directly with the base" says Thomas.

The Marine Corps encourages individual marines to participate in social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as long as they follow the rules. Lt. Thomas explains that marines must make sure all posts, tweets, pictures, and videos must adhere to the military uniform code of military justice which is the set of military laws and regulations all marines agree to follow. So basically anything thing they are not allowed to share in person around town is also not allowed to be shared on a social networking site.

The main goal for the MCLB to share posts and tweets is to keep marines, family and friends of marines, the community, and all others updated on their latest events. Public Affairs Specialist Pamela Green Jackson often logs onto the base's social media websites and says she likes sharing important information with others. "Some of the things I put on Facebook and Twitter are activities that are going on, where the Albany Marine Band is playing, when we have a Mission MCLB, when we cover an event we'll post pictures, and of course disseminate any important information.

The MCLB is not alone in their military social media presence. There are more than 100 marine installations that have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, and more. The purpose for the outlets is to make sure that each individual area is communicating the stories that are important and relevant to that particular marine installation.

The pages are used for the community to connect to the base and also the base to connect to the community. "Here at MCLB Albany we're a direct part of Albany itself. So it's great to be able to have that immediate dialogue with everybody through social media" says Thomas.

For a link to the MCLB's Facebook page click here.

For a link to the MCLB's twitter page click here.