Mission: MCLB Security on base

Larry Dillard is one of many hard working employees keeping our Marines safe while on base

Folks at the Marine Corps Logistics Base work hard to make sure everyone and everything on base is safe and secure.

Larry Dillard is one of the many hard working employees on the Marine Base that deal with making sure the marines are secure, keeping personnel, equipment and documents safeâ"which forces him to cast a wide net.

"To safeguard against terrorism, sabotage, theft and abuse and things of that nature," Said MCLB Security Supervisor, Larry Dillard.

Dillard is tasked with keeping up with not only the latest trends in security, but making sure they are relevant to the base's needs.

"We basically look at it from a criminal or a terrorist perspective, and we come out here and we look inside and say, well, ok, how can we better the security of the base?"

Taking their recommendations to the base commander, who then tries to get funding for the project. Evidence of these security measures can be seen the minute you step foot on base. Barricades entering the base are meant to be a traffic calming device, to prevent anyone from gaining unauthorized access.

Dillard and his team are continually thinking up new ways to keep the base secure, and even gives crime prevention tips in the base's newsletter-- protecting our marines while they help protect us.