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      Mission MCLB: Rock, Water Test

      Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanics with the Marine Corps Logistics Base placed a giant rock inside the AAV as a weight to help keep the combat vehicle in the water during what's called the "Rock, Water Test."

      AAV Work Leader Chester Clayton says the rock is placed in the vehicle to, "stimulate the troops to makes it ride level and function correctly."

      The first step in testing is putting the AAV inside a pool to check the ship to shore abilities for Marines when they're in combat.

      Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic Warren Beamon says, "the vehicle has four bilge pumps and we bring it over here to check all four bilge pumps.

      With the help of the rock inside the AAV, the next step is making sure the vehicle is water tight.

      "We get down and check all of our seals and all our door locks to make sure everything is secure that way everything is safe once we enter the water," says Beamon.

      Once that's done, testers move the AAV throughout the water in figure eight and circular motions.

      Beamon says, "we do the steer test to make sure everything steers left and right and do a reverse test to make sure everything works in reverse as well."

      Finally the last test is testing its smoke reflexes.

      "The AAV travels about 14 miles off shore to deploy once it's in water and coming up on land it's actually used as a smoke screen," says Beamon.