Mission MCLB: Re-opening of restaurants

From the kitchen to the serving line to the dining area two places on base have recently undergone an 8-month transformation into top of the line eating establishments.

Richard French, MCCS Director says The Bar and Grill and The Town and Country both had major transformations. "We decided if we have to re-do the kitchen and close for a few months we'll do the whole thing. So we took the opportunity and just went ahead and re-did the dining room. We have all new tables, carpet, paint, wallpaper, curtains, kitchen, serving line area, the works. It's first class" says French.

The idea for the Bar and Grill was to have a comfortable restaurant that highlights the historic locations in and around Albany. There are old pictures that have been recropped and put on poster board and made into wall hangings.

Some of the menu items changed as well, however the main staples including fried chicken and spaghetti aren't changing. "We've extended the menu to cover a variety of new choices to enhance the dining experience here at the restaurants" says French. Eating at either restaurant also helps marines because every dollar spent supports military quality of life programs.

FOX 31 News spoke with a few diners who say they really enjoy the new changes and additions to the menu.

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