Mission MCLB: Occupational Health

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

The main goal at the MCLB's Occupational Health Clinic is to support the civilians and keep them in a state of readiness so they can support the active duty population. Meaning they carry out pre-deployment screenings for civilian employees going overseas for work related jobs.

Rhonda Howard, an occupational health nurse says the screenings are critical. "This has to be done to make sure the civilian marine can safely deploy outside of the U.S. in case medical support is not present overseas" says Howard. The office also performs qualifications for anyone needing a certification for a job like operating a forklift because there are minimum standards and requirements to hold certifications in order to safely maintain and perform certain jobs on base.

The pre-deployment screening also has minimum standards & requirements and starts with an in depth physical. "It's a very in depth physical that involves taking vital signs, history by the provider, lots of lab work, all of the immunizations needed to go out of the country, EKG's, hearing tests, and more" says Howard.

The office sees around 30 people on an average day.