Mission MCLB: Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union serves all military branches, all Department of Defense, and military retiree.

The NFCU serves more than 3.5 million people worldwide. Branch Manager Connie Schauer says the credit union provides excellent benefits to those who bank with them. "We try to provide competitive rates and competitive benefits compared to banks and other credit unions. Being the largest credit union in the world that helps offer very competitive rates and specials for the military members" says Schauer.

The NFCU has a branch on the Marine Corps Logistics Base, they are online, and have hundreds of branches around the world.

The credit union can also help the family members of military members during what can often be a tough time. "If a spouse is deployed, the spouse that stays behind can often times run into situations - money problems and they're able to come in and we can help them and help ease that stress" says Schauer.

The number one reason the NFCU wants those who are eligible to consider banking with them is because they were specifically created for the military and they specialize in the military member.