Mission MCLB: Naval Branch Health Clinic

The marines don't have their own medical facility or personnel, but since they fall under the Navy, they have a sister service health clinic that serves 400+ active duty marines, 1100 family members, civilian marines, and retirees.

Naval Branch Health Clinic Director Lt. Commander Charles Goodson says the clinic has one main goal. "Our main mission is to heal the nations hero's and those hero's who have gone before us are just as important as the ones that were recruiting in today" says Goodson.

In addition to family practice providers taking care of common colds, physicals, and more, they also provide prescription services. On average they fill around 140 prescriptions a day and average 31,500 a year.

For health situations they aren't able to fully provide for â" the branch clinic has an extensive network with area health care facilities to make sure all needs are covered.

Officials also say sometimes retirees come to the health clinic just to hang out. "Many times the retirees come in and they get a chance to reconnect with the active duty marines. For them its as much as a social outlet as it is meeting a medical need" says Goodson.

The branch clinic also provides funeral coverage services for all branches in a 55 county area covering South Georgia and North Florida. If a veteran requests a funeral detail the clinic provides a funeral detail of two or three people to do the flag, perform the ceremony, play the bugle, and present the American flag to the person who has lost their loved one.

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