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      Mission MCLB: Marksmanship Training

      Marines at the Marine Corps Logistics Base all have to go through a weeklong training to make sure they maintain and improve their marksmanship skills.

      Even though there aren't any bullets involved....Corporal Mitchell Johnson says it TMs all about the basics. Right now we TMre having them get familiar with the weapons. They're going through their positions; they're going through ~snapping in TM, which is basically dry firing the weapons. They're trying to get a feel for the trigger, and a feel for aiming in on the target says Johnson.

      After marines finish snap in training they head over to the ISMT where they actually experience real life scenarios. Sergeant Nicholas McMorris says the indoor simulated marksmanship training is sort of like an intense hands on video game with simulated ranges, and air pressure for the guns to feel like real gunfire. We do actual course of line training from the 200 yard line, 300 yard line, and the 500 yard line. We come down here and practice and analyze the shooter, show them where they have errors at, and correct their actions from there says McMorris.

      The goal is to make sure marines are perfect here - so they'll be perfect in a real life scenario - like war.

      When you TMre in high stress environment you need to have those fundamentals so they become second nature to you. And that TMs what we TMre trying to instill now by having them do it repetitively says Johnson.