Mission MCLB: Health Promotions

Physical wellness is an important factor to keeping marines, their family members are retirees as healthy as possible. The Marine Corps Logistics Base Branch Health Clinic has an Office of Health Promotion in order to offer resources to those who need help.

The Office of Health Promotion helps people with their weight issues, assists with eating plans, and has resources to assist smokers in their efforts to kick the habit. Health Promotions Coordinator Patty Underdahl says the office exists to make sure people have the proper support system on their journey to wellness. "People are much more successful if they're not trying to do it on their own and they can use the resources we have here" says Underdahl.

Visual aids plaster the walls and Underdahl says she walks people through resources all the time. The one on one or group sessions aren't just about telling people what to eat â" it's also about showing them. Underdahl says Americans often have 'portion distortion' because we don't know what a proper portion size looks like. "I have visual aides that shows them what a half a cup is, what a three ounce serving of a protein is so they can relate it to a deck of cards or the palm of their hand so when they go to eat they can eyeball it and know what they need to eat" says Underdahl.

Fake snuff, pills, patches, medication, and more are offered to assist smokers in their journey to become tobacco free.

The office will also partner with the chaplain for stress management classes and spiritual help and also fitness center or a tailored fitness plan to lead the marine to a healthier lifestyle.