Mission MCLB: Gaining access to the base

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

The Marine Corps Logistics Base maintains strict rules about who can and cannot access the base.

The first line of defense to gaining access to the Marine Corps Logistics Base comes from the Pass and Identification Vehicle Registration Office.

That office issues identification cards, vehicle decals, and more to eligible active duty marines, Department of Defense employees, military retirees, and contractors. Site Manager Sandra James says everyone has to go through a vetting process. "Our vetting process that includes a background check is for all of our civilian employees as well as contractors and vendors" says James.

The identification and car decals all have expiration dates to make sure that employees, contractors, and everyone with access to the base are being consistently checked on a regular basis so security remains high. "Active duty military ID cards are updated every three to four years, civil servant employee cards are updated every three years, and contractors are updated yearly" says James. The only other way to gain access to the Marine Corps Logistics Base is to have a federal sponsor. James says the office has to politely deny access to the base on a regular basis and the overwhelming majority of people denied understand.

In the case of a stolen or lost identification pass the office works hand in hand with the Marine Corp Police and the front gate to make sure no one tries to use the card to access the base.

James says there is a lot of pressure to make sure all background checks are thorough because the office is the first line of defense to protect all marines, employees, and contractors on base.

The office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., closed every second Thursday of the month, and is also closed on weekends.