Mission: MCLB Fire Department

The fire department on board the base is 100% civilian

The fire department at the Marine Corps Logistics Base is no different than any other when it comes to fire safety--they also want to get the word out during fire prevention week.

There are many similarities between a normal fire department and the one on the marine corps logistics base, but there are also many differences.

"We work a different schedule , 24 hours on, 24 hours off, we also run EMS at the paramedic level, in other words we provide advanced cardiac life support," Said Fire Chief Jack Colby.

Even though they may differ from most fire departments, one thing is for sure, they are all about fire prevention week, which this year focuses on smoke detectors.

"The majority of all households in the United States of America have smoke detectors, the problem is, is they estimate 30 to 50 % of them are not working smoke detectors because people aren't replacing their batteries like they should," Said Colby.

Another interesting factâ"their staff is 100% civilian.

"The biggest reason for that is, every marine is 100% deployable and crash crew deploys with the flying mission part of the Marine Corps. We stay behind to protect the structures."

Chief Colby also says to remember to change out the batteries in your smoke detector even if you don't think they need replacing.