Mission MCLB: Family Medicine

Lieutenant Commander Shannon Short / Romney Smith

As a family medicine physician Lieutenant Commander Shannon Short takes care of everyone on base from the cradle to the grave.

She sees everything from common colds to orthopedic type injuries and she says the active duty can have unique concerns including traumatic brain injuries or post traumatic stress disorder. Unlike civilian medicine which can largely be in reaction to health concerns, Short says military medicine has always had an emphasis in preventative treatment because of the nature of the job. "They're better at adhering to their treatment plan and following up and coming back cause they could deploy at any time. Once they get deployed if they need some sort of care - that means having to ship them back. That process affects the unit the person is leaving and there are costs involved with moving that person and bringing someone else in" says Short.

In addition to being a family medicine physician and a mother of three - Short is also a military officer. She leads the enlisted military service members at the Naval Branch Clinic. They all have to be medically ready, physically fit, and up to date on their training to make sure they can deploy at any moment.

Short says it's an honor to serve military members, their families, and the retirees. "They're the heroes of our nation and I have the privilege of aiding in their healing and tending to them and their families so that's the most rewarding job I can think to do" says Short.