Mission MCLB: Daniel's Cup Challenge

400 pound tire flip

The Daniel's Cup Challenge encourages camaraderie between marines and civilians with a friendly athletic competition.

This year a team from the Army was also represented. All teams had four men and one woman.

The Daniel's Cup Challenge is a physical fitness competition - strictly for bragging rights. Competitors start off by flipping a 400 pound tractor tire 15 yards, and teammates flip it back 15 yards. The second challenge is called the "Tote And Carry" where athletes have to add 300 pounds for a male/female team and 400 pounds for an all male team to a rectangle object then carry it 15 yards, turn around and carry it back 15 yards. The last challenge is an 80 yard dash while carrying a 14 pound medicine ball. During this portion of the competition players can knock the ball out of each other's hands if they want to!

Ray Fuentes was on the winning team named "Four men and a baby" and he says the challenge was fun. "We always encourage each other every day. We all work together on a daily basis, go to the gym, and we all play softball's a team effort every day" says Fuentes.

The event is over for now, but MCLB Fitness Director Whitney Hendrix says the competition will be back. "The Daniels Cup Challenge is for bragging rights on base. Every section and every unit gets together and puts their team together because everyone wants the cup to sit in their office for the next year" says Hendrix.