Mission: MCLB Base Commander's 5 point plan

MCLB's Commanding Officer, Col. Terry Williams

The base commander at the Marine Corps Logistics Base has big plans for the base and things to improve on.

Base commander Terry Williams has been here about a year so far and says apart from the gnats, he loves southwest Georgia. Williams has outlined a five-point list of things to improve on at the base, the first one being to "green" the base, or make it more environmentally friendly.

"Our landfill gas to energy is one of our biggest projects, it's innovative, it's first in the department of the navy. It gives us 1.9 megawatts of energy, alternative energy," Says Williams.

He also hopes to improve community relations. One of the ways they do this is by having high school students shadow their workforce to see what a job in the Government is like. Number three on the list is enhancing safety and the work environment through things like the Voluntary Protection Program.

"It's kind of a change in philosophy. It takes management, labor and brings them together. It has been shown to reduce days away from work by 52%".

Williams also wants to improve the quality of life for those on base. A new barracks is in the works for single marines. The $13 million project will be complete March 2011. Last, but certainly not least, Williams has made a commitment to support the war fighters.

"We're really focused on our biggest and the one closest to the fight. We do what we can to make sure that their requirements are filled in the most efficient, effective manner".