Mission MCLB: Base Chapel

Inside the base chapel / Romney Smith

Base Chaplain Lt. Ken Miller says the chapel at the Marine Corps Logistics Base is unique for a number of reasons. "That's one of our strengths, one of the things we like to create is that community of being not only Christians but also war fighters. We defend our country so yeah it's a commonality and a bonding moment for them" says Miller.

The base chapel sees anywhere from 60-100 people a week and they say they're growing. Each week the chaplain preaches and counsels marines and other personnel on base. Having a safe place to seek advice and/or counseling from not only a Christian perspective, but a military perspective is important for those on base dealing with various issues. "I think it's important because it's something they can identify with because we not only are in uniform, but because we go on deployment with them and we serve with them. That creates a bond that they can trust us, not only with them in deployed places but even with their most intimate problems and family issues as well" says Miller.

Counseling covers personal family issues, identifying and helping marines going through initial stages of PTSD, and other issues as well. "The interesting thing about military life is that if the family is out of whack then everything else seems to fall out of wack as well. So we want to help them at home so they can do what they're supposed to while they're here at work" says Miller.

The base also has a direct line to senior leadership if they encounter any bigger issues including ethical questions.

In addition to Sunday service and bible study the base chapel sponsors multiple programs throughout the year including marriage enrichment retreats, a women's ministry, and a thriving donation ministry.

Religous Programming Director Peter Green is the right hand to the chaplain and says he wants all civilians to know one main thing about the base chapel. " The one takeaway from this chapel is that there is a huge support system that can help guide, direct, and lead people to positions and prepare them for a spiritually gifted life" says Green.