Mission MCLB: Augment Security Force Training

The police department at the Marine Corps Logistics Base always has a backup unit in case they need extra help in the event of a major security issue.

A small group of marines participated in classroom and field work training for the position. During the hands on practice they learned various techniques with a baton. Homeland Security Solutions Trainer Rob McAllister says it's always a good idea to have back up forces. "If the base was to have an incident, this is another force we could call up to increase our man power and get control of the situation" says McAllister.

All of the techniques learned in training are non-lethal, however depending on the situation the use of force can range from a simple verbal to use of a baton, hand to hand combat, to using pepper spray. All marines are trained to use a gun, so lethal force is an option as well; however Sergeant Shelly Robinson says that's not the first option marines go for. "Our goal is to protect the civilian population. We're not trying to cause any trouble, we're trying to disseminate any kind of conflict" says Robinson.

During training marines use full fore with each other. They say they don't take it easy on each other because in the real world they would be dealing with someone using his or her full force. The head trainer says people perform how they practice, so it's easier to put in 100% now. "I've always been a believer that you make your training as realistic as possible and when the real thing happens their not shocked by it" says McAllister.

Marines also ran a fight station course after being pepper sprayed so they learn how to battle through pain. McAllister says use of hand to hand combat, martial arts, batons, and pepper spray are all just different tools marines can use for the best possible outcome. "We're just giving them more options to use so the suspect gets their day in court and the officer gets to go home".

The unit would be activated if the threat level on base were to change and the base needed more personnel working to support the police department.