Mission MCLB: AAV Road Test

At about 50 miles per hour the AAV is on the road for a road test.

/ Franklin White

At about 50 miles per hour the AAV is on the road for a quick spin.

Heavy Equipment Supervisor Robert Terry says, "you have to break the engine in, check the suspension, check for leaks get it up to operating temperature."

But this quick spin isn't a joy ride, the AAV is put on a mile long track for testing before it's sent off into combat.

Robert Terry says, "to check the transmission to make sure the transmission are functioning correctly, that's an invasion technique that the vehicle has to pivot in tight places and get out of trouble."

Some of the different tests include the brake test and the pivot test.

"If they got into an emergency in the field and they had to stop real quick to make sure the vehicle can handle it over and over," says Terry.

Terry says these tests are important because the AAV is designed for all types situations on all terrains.

"All the seals on the road wheels are not leaking and any defective material that might be in there or inferior material so that it doesn't break," says Terry.

And through all the tests and run through, it's more than just the tightening of a bolt or screw it's having the right amount of heart and respect that helps keep the engine running.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Warren Beamon says, "what you do everyday affects a marine's life somewhere so we take it pretty seriously to make sure everything functions properly that way the marines out in the field they get good equipment."