Mission Change: Put a Smile on Your Face

With Facebook and cameras on almost every cell phone, it's hard to fathom a world with pictures.

But there are many people who have never had a picture of themselves taken. Today Albany's Mission Change set out to change that.

They set up street photo set at the Dray Line, downtown. It was called Operation Put a Smile on Your Face.

They say something as simple as a photo can make difference in the life of someone during hard times.

"It shows someone that you care, it shows that they are worthy of a picture, that they do matter," said Jon Miller of Mission Change. "A little bit of time out of your day, a few bucks out of your pocket to let someone know that they are somebody, you can literally change the world from your backyard."

Mission Change is an organization that tries to raise awareness for the homeless. Every month they do a mission to highlight needs in the community.