Mission Change helps Albany Rescue Mission with some spring cleaning

Mission Change volunteers help clean inside the Albany Rescue Mission Thrift Store

Mission Change wanted to spread some love this Valentine's Day.

"With Valentine's coming up, we wanted to give back to the community especially the homeless community and let them know somebody cares about them, somebody loves them," says Mission Change Executive Director LaDonna Urick.

Along with making Valentine's Day cards and lunch for those living at the Albany Rescue Mission, Mission Change helped the group with some spring cleaning at the rescue mission's thrift store.

"We have another room in the back that is just loaded with donations and our store is loaded with merchandise and we have no room to put it," says Gary Summerlin with Albany Rescue Mission.

Mission Change brought along 60 volunteers to help on Saturday.

"I'm just excited about it because it's going to cont to grow and they're going to continue coming to monthly missions and get connected to Albany," says Urick.

But those who work daily at the Albany Rescue Mission say 60 volunteers for three hours isn't enough: They need volunteers like the ones at Mission Change every day.

"It's just that the work that we need here it's just overwhelming," says Summerlin.

Volunteers notice the need.

"It seems like they need more help than just one Saturday in a month and it's probably overwhelming for them," says Volunteer Katy Edwards.

It's through their monthly missions that Mission Change hopes to help people find a direction to go "if they feel the need to volunteer and feel led to do something," says Urick. "With every monthly mission that we hold we share what that organization we're partnering with is about, how they can get involved and how important it is to give back to the community and support them."

"We just feel that getting out and doing stuff like Mission Change and going to help the homeless and people that are less fortunate, it's just what God has called for us to do anyway," says Edwards.

Along with helping groups in the community, Mission Change says they're also about building fellowship.

"It's fun because I get to spend time and build community and relationship with people that I go to church with and don't go to church with and don't know so that's always a good plus to that too," says Edwards.

If you'd like to volunteer with Mission Change follow this link for the contact information you need to help.

Money earned at the Albany Rescue Mission Thrift Store goes to help the homeless at the Albany Rescue Mission shelter.