Missing organs spark outcry in teen's death

Lowndes County High School the day Johnson was found dead in the gym. / Jessica Fairley

The parents of a Valdosta teenager who was found dead inside a gym mat at Lowndes High School are speaking out about what they believe is an injustice in his case.

Kendrick Johnson's parents say after exhuming their son's body, a second autopsy revealed that his organs were missing and his body was stuffed with newspaper.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation performed the initial autopsy and say they have confidence that the medical examiner followed protocol.

"As with any other autopsy, the organs were returned to the body and so when the body was returned to the funeral home, the organs were in the body and that is our practice, that is our policy and that is what is done for every autopsy done by the Medical Examiner's Office here at the GBI," said Sherry Lang, Director of Public Affairs for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The Florida funeral home where Johnson's body was sent maintain that they never received the organs.