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      Missing a go-kart and bicycle?

      Montravis McMillian

      The Dougherty County Police Department is looking for the owner of a go-kart and bicycle.According to Lieutenant Chad Kirkpatrick with DCP, a person spotted Montravis McMillian on the corner of Old Dawson and Old Ivy Lane spray painting a go-kart and called DCP.Police showed up and asked McMillian where the go-kart and bicycle were from. McMillian said he got them from a friend. After police confirmed with his parents the items weren't his, McMillian was arrested on two charges of theft of lost / mislaid property.Lt. Kirkpatrick adds that as the weather warms up, theft increases. He reminds residents to please not leave their stuff out and to keep track of a serial number or specific description on items.DCP is asking that if you recognize these items to please call (229)430-6600.