Millions will travel by car, plane this weekend

Nearly 40 million Americans will be traveling by car this Thanksgiving weekend says AAA / Ashley Knight

It's a bit farther to grandma's than over the river and through the woods nowadays. AAA says 38 million Americans will be traveling on four wheels this week.

"Atlanta's pretty bad, I know the traffic's gonna be bad, so hopefully everything will be good," says driver Vance Turner.

And while some will have it easy this year....

"There's a lot going on and a lot that's keeping me here so the travel and the rush is not a big thing for me this year," says Robert Glover.

Others will be in the thick of things.

"We're gonna go to Birmingham, Alabama and then we're gonna leave there and go up to Atlanta and spend a night in Atlanta," says Turner.

Vance Turner is one of the 38 million, but says he's prepared for the long haul.

"We're gonna leave early and head over to Alabama and they're an hour behind us, so that's gonna help us out. Got the oil change and all, that's already been done."

But not everyone will be driving. According to AAA, 3.4 million Americans will be flying over the Thanksgiving holiday. That's up 1.8% over last year. And Airport Director Yvette Aehle says there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

"You don't show up 20 minutes prior to the flight, you need to get there an hour, hour and a half at least," says Aehle.

And be prepared for anything, especially if you're traveling with children.

"Come out here, bring stuff for your kids to do, make sure they have snacks along with them too."

Keep in mind, you can check one bag and carry one on the flight for free, after that it's a fee of $25 or more. And be sure to leave all firearms at home.

"And please, if you're taking gifts with you, don't wrap them. They are going to unwrap your gifts if you show up with any gifts that are wrapped," reminds Aehle.

Most importantly, bring patience and understanding, and that goes for those traveling by car as well.

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