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      Millage rate remains the same, property taxes may increase

      You may have noticed an increase on your property taxes this year but that doesn TMt mean the millage rate went up.

      The millage rate for the Dougherty County School System has stayed at 18.445 mils since 2008. But, Ken Dyer, the DCSS Finance Director, told FOX 31, When they did the property assessments on Dougherty County the property value went up and so people whose property value went up even though the millage rate stayed the same, they TMre going to have to pay more in taxes because their property is worth more.

      This doesn TMt affect everyone in Dougherty County though. The Tax Director Shonna Colley says, There was some increase in certain areas. County-wide there was very little increase and then in the unincorporated area we had a small increase.

      DCSS is holding public hearings about the matter, which is required by state law, July 9th at noon, July 9th at 6 p.m., and again July 17th at 11 a.m. Dyer said, If you leave the millage rate the same and property value goes up and it causes a citizen TMs taxes to go up even if the millage rate stays the same, you have to advertise a tax increase.

      The Tax Director also mentioned that if your taxes did go up you have 45 days from the time you received the notice to appeal.