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      Military spouses hold auction to give back

      Mardi Gras celebrations are still a week away but the Marine Corps Officers' Spouses' Club started the party a week early with a purple, green and gold-themed live and silent auction on Saturday evening.

      Residents were invited to bid on different prize packages ranging from a golf getaway to a football lovers basket.

      Organizers say it's a way for those who came out to continue giving back to the community by redeeming the prizes at local businesses.

      "The marine corps base here and the military community in Albany is such a part of the Albany fabric that it's really important for us to support one another and this is such a perfect way for us to give back and for the community to give back as well," said club president Betsy Cisek.

      All proceeds will go towards student scholarships or be used as grants to give to local charities.

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