Military Coins a big honor in Marine Corps

Coins are a way for commanding officers to honor someone for their excellence in performance or duty.

All branches of the military have coins, and Sergeant Major Conrad Potts says they're not easily obtained. I've given out coins for excellence. We give them all the time for hard work, dedication and just a way to say thank you for what you've been doing on a daily basis above and beyond just your normal paycheck says Potts.

Marines, Department of Defense employees, and even civilians can receive coins. They TMre passed off in a handshake and sometimes a surprise to the recipient. Each coin is different and they all have a unique story as to how they were earned. Sgt. Maj. Potts remembers how he earned his first coin. We had the long range gunnery competition and my tank crew won that so I was very proud of that says Potts.

All of the coins have different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to make them stand out and tell a story that represents their unit. Other countries also have coins. Potts has a ~Gallipoli Soldiers TM military coin from the Sergeant Major of the Australian Army.

Regardless if the coins are shaped like a ninja star, have an iconic image on the front, or have an image of all five military branch logos; they all have a meaning, they were all earned, and Sgt. Maj. Potts says he hopes to earn a few more before he retired next year.