Meth labs can pose a serious threat to surrounding community

The DEA post these sings at locations Meth Labs are found. / DEA

Methamphetamine is a drug that can be manufactured in your home with common everyday products. Most of the chemicals used in the process are unregulated, and when used for their intended purposes are safe, but you start mixing those chemicals together fumes are produced that could explode at any moment.

"So when we're actually doing an entry into a clandestine lab our folks will be wearing meters to let them know if there are explosive properties in the air," said John Murphy, DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Through the Meth cooking process, vapors can distribute Meth through a house, which is extremely hazardous to children.

A National Jewish Health Center study said "the children living in those lab might as well be taking in the drug directly."

Even after the house is cleaned it could still be contaminated, "There could be still remedial clean up that needs to be done, there could be contamination of surfaces, so when we finish our processing of the lab we will post warning signs in prominent locations around the residents," said Murphy.

The DEA even has a website listing all the Meth Labs they've cleaned up around the country.

Law enforcement officials urge residents to always be on the lookout for suspicious activity in your neighborhood and report it to police.

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