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      Meth lab dismantled, four arrested

      Howard Griffin, Jr., arrested and are pending charges for Trafficking Methamphetamine.

      Investigators with the Berrien County Sheriff TMs Office executed a search warrant at 13000 block of Highway 129 in Nashville early Thursday morning.

      During the search, an active methamphetamine lab was discovered inside the residence of Keith Murray.

      Howard Griffin Jr., Brandi Freeman, Allison Gaskins, and Keith Murray were inside the residence at the time the lab was found.

      All four were arrested and are pending charges for Trafficking Methamphetamine.

      Keith Murray was currently out on bond from when he was arrested on September 19th and charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine.

      The Georgia Bureau of Investigations was contacted and responded to the scene to assist in the dismantlement of the lab.

      Anyone with information about drug activity is encouraged to contact the Sheriff TMs Office at (229)686-7071.

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