Meth bust on Duitman Road

An east Albany couple is in jail charged with manufacturing and intent to distribute methamphetamines. Their arrests are part of a six week drug unit investigation.

Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry says they found marijuana, crystal meth, and meth-making ingredients at 49-year-old Michael Anthony and 41-year-old Noleen Anthony's Duitman Road home Monday morning. Berry says they also found several guns, ingredients to make the explosive gas anhydrous ammonia and almost 1,000 grams of ephedrine â" 100 times the legal limit.

"I would say this was a very good size lab. Nothing that's gonna make kilos and pounds of meth, but it's gonna get a substantial amount. Multi-ounces," Berry said.

Berry says the husband and wife were making parts of the meth at their house and completing the process elsewhere. He says they will continue to investigate.