Meteor storm shines over "Good Life City"

Meteor shower visible in Albany. / Jessica Fairley

During the month of August people can get a glimpse of a Perseid meteor shower.

Officials said the best hours to view the show would be early in the morning just before 5:00 a.m. but they may want to leave the city to get a better view. In the inner city, the meteor show can be harder to see because of light pollution.

Folks with the Thronateeska Heritage Center said a big field or a national park would be a great place to catch the show.

"Your best chance to see them will be up until about the 10th of this month. By the time it makes it to the 13th, it will be a full moon and the light from the moon will make them kind of hard to see," said Thronateeska Heritage Center Representative Allison Young.

She says the Perseid meteor show is a yearly event that occurs every August.