Metal meddlers encounter issues

Copper thieves steal almost $7,000 dollars from Colquitt Regional Medical Center. / Matt Prichard

After $7,000 dollars worth of copper was taken from a construction site at Colquitt Regional Medical Center, local law enforcement are stepping up their efforts on these metal thieves.

"We've been having copper theft problems for a while now, a lot of people will break into abandoned houses and literally rip the copper wiring out of the walls. So this really is a hot item, and you can get pretty good money for it," said Moultrie Police Department Investigator, David Underwood.

The thieves reportedly broke into the construction companies trailer and quickly took as much of the valuable item as possible. However they may find problems cashing in, with police staying one step ahead.

"We've notified all the scrap metal yards in the area about the theft, and asked that if they see a suspicious amount of copper walking in to call us immediately," said Underwood.

But those shops may not need the warning, as upgrades to security prevent stolen copper from walking into their store.

"Everything is video-taped, camera'd from every angle, plus their required to have a license with their copper. So it's pretty hard for someone to steal copper in this day-an-age, and get away with it," said CTV Scrap Metal owner, Joey Cox.

Moultrie Police say regardless of those precautions, they are asking all shops to be on the lookout and the public to call with any information on the theft.

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