Merchants anticipated Mardi Gras boost

Downtown Merchants Association hold meeting at Our Daily Bread. / Jessica Fairley

While New Orleans and other gulf coast communities are in the full swing of Mardi Gras, Albany's Mardi Gras celebration is almost a month away.

Flint Riverquarium officials approached the Downtown Merchants Association to discuss plans for the Fifth Annual Mardi Gras Turtle Race.

Officials still haven't set a location for the event, but they are trying to have it as close to downtown businesses as possible.

Those in the merchants association say Mardi Gras is one of their most profitable days of the year.

"Last year we were just inside the gate and it did wonders for us because just us being in the gate, people were walking by and we had a really good day. It was one of our best days out of the whole entire year," said Jason Warren, Owner of Our Daily Bread.

The Flint Riverquarium Turtle Race is scheduled for March 4th.

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