Men in heels help to heal abuse victims

FOX 31 Weekend Anchor Matt Prichard, Sports Director Andrew Schnitker, and reporter Sean Streicher all participated in the event. / File

On Saturday, dozens of men traded in their sneakers for red high-heeled stilettos in an effort to raise money for domestic and sexual abuse victims.

Dr. Cheryl Kaiser of Insight Psychotherapy says the event raised around $15,000 for local organization the Lily Pad, which will help with a number of services.

Dr. Kaiser says the money will go directly towards maintaining equipment that helps victims, such as forensic cameras to photograph evidence, hidden cameras and microphones to make interviewing young children less intimidating, and storage equipment to be able to hold on to and pull up any file if it's needed during a trial.

Organizers say it's not too late to donate if you didn't get a chance to on Saturday. If you'd like to send money to the Lily Pad, you can do so through their website, Facebook Page, by calling them or delivering it to their office on 2nd Avenue.

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