Men arrested for fight, but not murder

17-year-old Shacoby Seay

Albany police arrested four men for the fight police say broke out before a Sunday morning murder.

Jacory Butts, Sean Frazier, Antonio Seay, and Shernard Smith are in jail on various aggravated assault, gang, and probation violation charges for a fight that led to 20-year-old LaSheldon Stanford's murder. Charges are pending for Lawrence Stephens.

Police say they were involved in a fight at Nabs Tavern Sunday morning. That fight spilled outside and police say someone shot Stanford dead and a security guard, 35-year-old George Ferguson III, in the arm.

Police named a sixth "person of interest" Tuesday evening. They say they're looking for 17-year-old Shacoby Seay, Antonio Seay's brother, for questioning.

The building is called Nabs Tavern, Brick City, and Brickhouse Productions, but with several shootings in the past year, including Stanford's murder at the building, it's not clear what exactly goes on there.

Code Enforcement cited owner Molly Loving for serving alcohol without a liquor license in March 2008. At the time police say the building was being used as a club. The city was supposed to have a hearing in July 2008 to determine if they should revoke the business license, but that never happened.

Stanford's untimely death has put Brick City back on the city's radar.

"You can rest assured, we will have it back on the agenda ASAP and if I'm here, it will not be a breakdown of communication," said Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard.

Police are still investigating Stanford's murder as well as Brick City itself, and additional arrests are pending.