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      Meet the man that prosecutes marines in hot water

      There are a few lawyers on base, and Deputy Staff Judge Advocate Captain Tyler Gludt is a marine that happens to also be a lawyer. Gludt prosecutes marines that get into trouble and he says the office sees all kinds of offenses. We see everything from thefts to assaults to sexual assaults. We'll see a wide range of criminal misconduct on board the base says Gludt.

      His goal is to seek the appropriate justice for the marines or civilians who get in trouble. He says he spends plenty of time scrutinizing the case and the law in preparation for a court martial or trial. I get a report that comes to me, I review the report. We look to see what if there are any charges that can be brought against that Marine. Then I TMll draft up a charge sheet what I think based on my legal research and what TMs applicable to the situation says Gludt.

      After that process a higher level decides if the Marine will go to trial. If a marine is found guilty there is a wide range of punishment from administrative non-criminal dismissal from the Marine Corps to fines to jail time, to extra physical training. Although extra physical training is a possibility, there is a fine line to make sure the training doesn TMt become hazing which isn TMt allowed. Restrictions surrounding a physical sentence include the number of hours they can spend doing an activity and it can TMt distract from their daily work schedule.

      Gludt says he enjoys his job and making sure the integrity of the Marine Corps is upheld. Whether it TMs a guilty plea or going to jail - to see that come to an end and wrapped up and be done and to know that justice is done is the most rewarding part of my job says Gludt.