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      Meet the candidates for City Commissioner

      On Saturday, Ward two and three candidates for City Commissioner addressed a crowd of citizens who want to see improvement to the city.

      "When I call a City Commissioner I want him to listen and then we can work on our problems," says Harold Williams.

      Williams says the main thing he wants to see done is tighter handle on crime.

      "We got a lot of people who walk the streets in the daytime and we need somebody to handle that for us," says Williams.

      Each candidate was given seven minutes to present their platform. Two Ward two candidates say the reasons they should be elected are plain and simple.

      Ivey Hines says, "I have a plan for a strategic plan to bring the entire community together to determine where the city of Albany is going to go in the next 10-15 years."

      Demetrius love says "it's important to be informed and to be engaged into the matters of the city because those matters impact their daily lives."

      Ward three candidates also spoke to FOX 31 about why they should be in office.

      B.J. Fletcher says, " I love Albany, I love this community. I've always been a glass half full kind of person, I see improvement in this community. I want to be apart of this solution."

      Christopher Pike says, "you need to have somebody at the table to say these are the issues, this is why we need to do this, and you should support that and I've been very successful in doing that over the last four years."

      Cheryl Calhoun says, "I know how to say I messed up but look lets get it right and our city needs that change and that push not to hurt each other but to come together and work together."

      Voting will take place for general election on November 5th. To find our where you will vote, click here