Medical students request, participate in legislative course

State Senators and Representatives lead a class for medical students about the legislative process

Many students do not ask for extra work and courses, but this group did - unanimously.

All 17 of the Southwest Georgia Clinical Campus medical students enrolled in a leadership course that they requested. Students from other campuses joined via video conference.

The third-year medical students learned from State Senators Jon Crosby (R-13) and Freddie Sims (D-12) along with State Representative Ed Rynders (R-Albany) about how the legislative process applies to the medical field.

"Health care is a key issue with what's going on not only in Washington but the state. It gives them a chance to learn first-hand not only about the process in the house and the senate but also what's required in terms of advocacy and the health care issues that are important to them," says State Rep. Ed Rynders.

The Southwest Georgia Clinical Campus is a branch of the Medical College of Georgia.

Students participating in the leadership course receive a diploma at the end of the year. Instructors say it's a course that will look excellent on resumes.

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