Meadows Funeral Home: 'We are open'

Meadows Funeral Home of Albany says they have paid the fees to renew their license and are back in business

The owners of Meadows Funeral Home in Albany reached out to FOX 31 on Thursday to say they are back in business.

FOX 31 brought you the story first in September about the funeral home operating with a lapsed license. The business was forced to close, but on Thursday, Meadows Funeral Home announced they have been reinstated.

"We are simply glad to be back in business. We have taken care of the things that we needed to take care of concerning our reinstatement, and it our pleasure to serve the community we love and the people that we love. We are open!" says Abigail Meadows, President of Meadows Funeral Home of Albany.

They say their license lapsed over summer because of an oversight, but that they have paid the fees necessary to renew their license. Meadows says while they were closed, they recommended other funeral facilities to people who had funerals scheduled at Meadows Funeral Home.