MCLB responds to Worth County education block

Officials at MCLB Albany respond to the Worth County Board of Education's block on base students. / Matt Prichard

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany remains in shock after the Worth County Board of Education announced this week that they would no longer be accepting students from the base.

The board cited financial reasons for their decision, however officials with the base say parents aren't happy, and plan to fight it.

"We've got a lot of upset folks right now, but again we're hopeful that the folks at Worth County and the school board will reexamine this decision quickly because we don't have a lot of time," said Commanding Officer at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Col. Don Davis.

Col. Davis says 57-students are now displaced, and that the repercussions of this move echo farther than just the pocket books of the board of education.

"These kids identify themselves as a ram. They have friends there, that's their family. So it's not shocking that parents and kids here on base aren't happy with this decision and that's why we have to try and convince the board to rethink this decision," said Col. Davis.

However should the board stand their ground on the issue, Col. Davis says there are other avenues that the base can explore.

"We've already spoken with Dr. David Mosely of the Dougherty County School System, and continue to have a great relationship with the folks in Lee County. But the bottom line is we don't want to move our students from an environment and a community their already rooted in," said Col. Davis.

For everyone at the base this comes as a major disappointment, however the lines of discussion will be open Monday when base officials and the Worth County Board of Education meet to discuss a compromise.

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