MCLB prepares for summer activities

A man prepares for a crash simulator. / Sean Streicher

The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany took a break from their daily routine to focus specify on safety.

Thursday's event was called "101 Critical Days of Summer" and provided the Marine Corps community with training, and demonstrations on how to partake in summer activities safely.

Some of the displays on hand dealt with motorcycle and boating safety, lawn and gardening tips and even heat stroke prevention.

"It's an opportunity for them to unplug form the monotonous work environments that we sometimes have to come out here and specify focus on safety as it relates to use a work and at home," said Christopher Shaw, Occupational Safety and Health Specialist at Marine Corps Logistics Command.

This was the second of two required operational pauses each year, the first one was called "Back in the Saddle" and is held after the holidays.