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      MCLB Motorcycle safety course packed after accident claims life

      Motorcycle safety courses at the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany are packed after Marine Sergeant Ronald Nabors II passed away in an accident.The class is filled with experienced riders and amateurs who say the death of Sgt. Nabors made them realize how important it is to protect yourself on the road.

      I just want to make sure that I know the procedures and how to search, evaluate, and execute any safety measures that are needed when riding because you never know what's going to happen, said Kevin Pinckney, motorcyclist.

      Riders have to be in the lookout for everything ranging from tree limbs to unruly drivers.Charles Taliaferro, instructor of the Traffic Safety Program, says anyone who works on the base and has a motorcycle, is required to take a basic course.

      Taliaferro says dressing in long sleeves and gloves protect against injury. He says learning the basics of cornering, swerving, and braking will help prevent a disaster but the number one tip is keeping your eyes on the cars ahead.

      The problem is they're not looking for a motorcycle, they are looking for a car and when they see that little headlight coming down the road. A lot of times they say when a crash happens is I did not see him, said Wes Taliaferro, Motorcycle Safety Instructor.

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