MCLB Marines return from Afghanistan

Sgt. Marshand Vasquez is reunited with his family after returning from deployment. / Jessica Fairley

Six marines are back on American soil after returning from Afghanistan. They arrived to the Marine Corps Logistics Base just before 2:00 p.m. Friday.

Sgt. Marshand Vasquez says now that he's home, he plans to take the family on a trip to Disney World.

"I'm just super excited and happy to be back with them," says Marshand Vasquez, MCLB Sgt. Marine.

He and others who are returning plan on making up for time that they lost during deployment.

Kendra Gutknecht says she'll have to travel to Florida to see her family.

"I have two little boys and they've been staying with my mom this whole time and I miss them a lot," says Kendra Gutknecht.
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