MCLB looks to add Lee County as schooling option

The Marine Corps Logistics base looks to add schooling option / Sean Streicher

We Serve, Too, is a motto used to describe the children of military members, children who must uproot their life every time their parent is re-stationed.

Military children change schools anywhere from 6-9 times from k through 12th grade.

As a way of making it easier for families transferred to the Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) in Albany, the base tries to provide families with as many possible schooling options for their children.

The logistics base is zoned to send kids to Dougherty County schools, but they also have kids being educated in other counties. However, some parents choose private schools while others opt for home schooling. Officials say the addition of the lee county school system to their list of options isn't a knock on Dougherty County.

"This is not about one school district over another school district", said Dana Wallace, the MCLB school liaison

What it is about, is finding the right fit for the child.

Opening up their schools to the base is something the Lee County board of education has been thinking about for a while, and they decided now was a good time to move forward with the plans.

"There is a great sense of patriotism, especially this summer with the Steve Sutton funeral, and thought it was a good time to do it," explained Lee County Superintendent Dr. Walters.

Opening the schools to the base isn't a done deal just yet as the school board still has to vote on the matter, if it does pass, parents will be responsible for paying a yearly tuition of $1,500 to the Lee County School System if their child enrolls.